Sunday School Registration 2023-24

Burbank Islamic Sunday School

    Student Registration Form 2023-2024
    (One Form Per Family)

    Please check one:

    Phone Number:


    1st Student First and last Name:

    1st Student’s Date of Birth:

    1st Student Public School Grade:


    2nd Student First and last Name:

    2nd Student’s Date of Birth:

    2nd Student Public School Grade:


    3rd Student First and last Name:

    3rd Student’s Date of Birth:

    3rd Student Public School Grade:


    4th Student First and last Name:

    4th Student’s Date of Birth:

    4th Student Public School Grade:


    Please share any medical issues, allergies, special needs, learning difficulties, and food restrictions that you think are necessary for us to know. Information will be kept confidential.

    Registration Fee: $50 per student:

    Monthly tuition fee is as follow :

    By Continuing to submit your application for registration to the Burbank Islamic Center – Sunday school Program you assume all of the risks of participating and/or volunteering in the Sunday School activity/event and waive, release and discharge the school of any liability.
    Please sign and send the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form with your kid(s) on the 1st day of the school.